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Providing excellence, convenience and compassionate veterinary medical service to you and your animals

Southeastern Mobile Vet, LLC was born with the intention of providing excellent, complete and convenient medical services to small animal pets, as well as, other large group of commonly kept animals such as pocket pets, fish, birds, reptiles, potbellied pigs, goats, sheep and camelids (e.g. llamas). Southeastern Mobile Vet strives to provide high standards in veterinary medicine to pet owners, breeders, zoological collections, rescue organizations and animal sanctuaries.

Our goal is to provide outstanding medicine and animal care to enhance their quality of life. This is an on-site medical service and services include preventive medicine (e.g. vaccination, parasite screening and control, etc.), laboratory, pharmacy, behavior counseling and animal training, management of animal collection with implementation of proper identification and record keeping, husbandry and nutrition.



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